Announcing our Semi-finalists for 2019 Manuscript Contest

The Soon to Be Famous committee is excited to announce those authors whose manuscripts are being advanced to our next round of judging. Here are the semi-finalists (in alphabetical order by book title) for the first annual Soon to Be Famous Illinois Manuscript Project contest. Congratulations to all.

  • Clipboard Ready Romance by Judith Wilkie
  • Demons of the Night by Amanda Webster
  • Forever and Always by Sandy Mosher
  • Holidays, Inc by Rachelle Campbell Page
  • Imprudent Love by Diane Maciejewski
  • Maiden of Dreams by Susan Varno
  • Make it Right; Make it Matter by Chiara Talluto
  • Masquerade by Joyce A Brown
  • Northern Lights by Michael Chatlien
  • Recalcitrant Mutation by ES Beidas
  • Send Me Dead Flowers by Paul Whittaker
  • Shadow Things, Book One: A New Path by A H Hrubes
  • Small-Town Monster by James Pressler
  • The Color of Trauma by Hollie Smurthwaite
  • The Manse Calvo by Brian W Budzynski
  • Veritas by Annemarie Mannion
  • War Within by Andrew Calin
  • Yesterday is Tomorrow by Brian Henkels

These manuscripts now enter our second round of judging by our volunteer Illinois librarians. They'll have the difficult task of narrowing these choices down to three finalists who will then go on to compete for the final top prize.