Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policies

Before applying to be a judge, review the following policies.

Conflict of Interest

It is the policy of the Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project (STBFIAP) to avoid conflicts of interest resulting from the activities of judges or committee members. In particular, no person should obtain or appear to obtain special advantages for themselves, their relatives, their employer, or their close associates as a result of their service to STBF. A conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s personal or private interests may lead an independent observer reasonably to question whether the individual’s professional actions or decisions are influenced by considerations of significant personal or private interest, financial or otherwise.


STBF committee members need to maintain a high degree of confidentiality regarding the committee’s discussions, both oral and written. All committee members need to feel free to speak frankly in a closed session, knowing that their comments will not be repeated outside that room, and that they preserve the right to speak for themselves outside of that closed session. It is important to remember that, in these discussions, committee members may express only their own opinions, and may not quote the opinions of other committee members or judges or indicate in any way which books are under consideration. It is understood that all eligible books are being considered up until the selection of the winner is made. Committee members should not reveal or publicize any confidential information learned through service on the committee, nor should they make such confidential information available to non-committee members.

Judges and committee members who run or participate in social networking websites or software, including blogs, wikis, electronic discussion lists, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, should not engage in any discussions about the STBF project, or about the status of eligible books, during their term of service.


From time to time, the STBF committee may take other action or establish such other guidelines as may be necessary in the committee’s sole discretion to protect the integrity of the judging process.

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