2020 Manuscript Semi-finalists Announced

Our judges have completed their review of the 2020 Manuscript Project contest entries and we're excited to release the semi-finalists for this year. These manuscripts (listed below in alphabetical order by book title) now compete for the top three finalist spots in the next round of judging. Congratulations to these Illinois writers and their work.

  • Descending the Corporate Ladder by Toni Johnson
  • In Somnia by Colin Wilkie
  • It’s Raining Men by Hollie Smurthwaite
  • Noah’s Ark by Matt Holmes
  • Planet B by Wes Payton
  • Strawberry Creek by Chris Gerrib
  • The Ex Trail by Karyn Bowman
  • The Manse Calvo by Brian Budzynski
  • The Oklahoma Constants by Annie Reed
  • The Songbird Baby by Kate Robards

Details about our Manuscript Project are found here.