I’m a Librarian. What do I need to do?

Aspiring authors NEED YOU to help them apply.

Thank you for being part of this valuable, library-driven initiative. The 2018 Manuscript Project is now open and closes January 2, 2019.

Also, please check our submission criteria before you submit a nomination. Remember: participating authors must live in Illinois and the manuscript being submitted must be unpublished and in an adult fiction genre. Also, the author must include the following:

  • The Manuscript itself must be formatted as a single Word.doc or PDF
    • 12 pt (Arial, Calibri, Times Roman)
    • 1.5 line spacing
    • Multiple files not accepted.
  • Include a Title Page with the following:
    • Title (Working)
    • Author Name
    • Word count number (entries must be no fewer than 50,000 and no more than 100,000 words)
    • A Synopsis on the title page (50 words or less)
    • An Author Bio also on the title page (100 words or less)

Note: failure to meet criteria may result in disqualification for the entry

Because we have a terrific group of librarian judges committed to carefully reading each entry, there is no need or expectation for library staff to read entries before submission.

Help us get the word out about the contest. Click to download, print, and share our free promotional flyer

The Illinois Author Project for self-published adult and young adult fiction returns late Spring 2019.