Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project!

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As George 





Read the foreword by David Vinjamuri here Click on the book cover.

The committee continually reinvigorates as new members join with a multitude of new energy and talent. Bibliolabs becomes a tremendous partner in 2016/2017 adding new collaboration opportunities with authors, states and organizations.   The Manuscript Contest is added to this dynamic project in 2018.

Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Winners

2014 Joanne Zienty for "The Things They Save" 

2015 Michael Alan Peck for "The Commons"

2016 Geralyn Hesslau Magrady for "Lines"

2017 Daniel Rosenberg for “The Towers Still Stand"

2018 Heather Bentley for "Sweetest Heartbreak"

2019 Jean Rabe for "The Bone Shroud"

2019 YA Winner Lauren Eckhardt for the "The Remedy Files: Illusion" * First Year for YA category and winner

2020 - Hollie Smurthwaite for "The Color of Trauma"

2020 - Otto Schafer (YA) for "The Secret Journal, God Stones Book 1" (YA)

2021 - India Powers for "Demon's Bane"

2021 - Stephanie J. Scott (YA) for "All Last Summer"

2021 - Pascuala Herrera (De la Página a la Fama)

2022 - Alina Rubin for "A Girl with a Knife"

2023 - Angelique Burrell for "A Mark in the Road"


Soon to be Famous Manuscript Winners

2019 Hollie Smurthwaite for "The Color of Trauma"

2020 Kate Robards for "The Songbird Baby"

2021 - Annemarie Mannion

2022 - Sarah Roots

2023 - Kate Guerrero