I’m an Author: How Do I Apply?

Thank you for your interest in the Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project.

Which contest is for me?

We offer two library-driven contests each year to support Illinois authors. Submission details for each project are below.

Illinois Author Project for Indie and Self-published authors

The 2020 contest is NOW CLOSED.

  • Submit your work through the official porta.
  • Each book that is submitted to the contest must be: Indie-published in an adult fiction or young adult fiction genre, written by an Illinois resident, and available in either ePUB or PDF file.

Manuscript Project for Authors

Here is how our contest works:

  • Participating authors must live in Illinois, and the manuscript being submitted must be unpublished and in an adult fiction genre.
  • Submissions must meet other certain criteria in order to be eligible. Please verify that the manuscript includes:
  • A Title Page with the following:
    • Title (Working)
    • Author Name
    • Word count number (entries must be no fewer than 50,000 and no more than 100,000 words)
    • A Synopsis on the title page (50 words or less)
    • An Author Bio also on the title page (100 words or less)
  • The Manuscript itself must be formatted as a single Word.doc or PDF
    • 12 pt (Arial, Calibri, Times Roman)
    • 1.5 line spacing
    • Multiple files not accepted.

Note: failure to meet criteria may result in disqualification for the entry.

The Manuscript Contest returns in November 2020.